You all have had the chance to read through your books and discuss at a
glance why these books have been banned. Now, in your groups and  after reviewing your notes on Theme, what do you believe is the theme of your book? What message is your author trying to teach their audience (which are children). Be sure to explain how your theme fits in your book. 

Post your themes in the comments.
Be sure to write all of your group members names in the box. LEAVE
THE EMAIL AND WEBSITE BLANK!!! Also, be sure to state the title of your book in your comment.

As everyone finishes, be sure to look over other groups' theme and books. Is there a pattern?

Ms. Hutchinson
bailey jordan
2/5/2013 03:00:35 am

giving for your own happyiness

bailey,kim,eryan, jamyne
2/5/2013 03:06:26 am

THE GIVING TREE- giving for your own happyiness fits the book because the tree gave every thing to the boy and wanted nothing but happyimess in return

Kirsten, Savannah, Carolina
2/5/2013 03:02:59 am

The sissy Duckiling (the book) why we think its banned because he own father calls him names behind his back. The book also has guns shooting the birds (his father) but also they have a bully named Drake that would bully Elmer (the sissy duckling). (!Being your self is a good thing!)

Ms. Hutchinson
2/5/2013 12:21:04 pm

Great! Thanks for the explanation!

Andrew Holland, Fernando Cuanas, Carlos Benitez, Gabriel Loggins, Robbie Jones
2/5/2013 03:07:04 am

the theme for the story the amazing bone is friendship

Ms. Hutchinson
2/5/2013 12:23:04 pm

Now, I know you boys ran out of time but you could turn your theme into a sentence? A theme is NEVER just one word (like "Friendship"). It is always a sentence and its like a universal message, one that could be applied to different books. So think deeper and create a lesson that kids would learn from this book.

Also, be sure to explain how your theme fits in your book.

Robbie Jones, Gabe Laggins,Carlitos Benitez, Fernando Cuanas, Drew Holland
2/5/2013 03:11:19 am

The Theme For The "Amazing Bone" Is FriendShip Is Key To Life. We Believed That Was The Theme Because The Bone And The Little Piggy Bonded A Very Close FriendShip And Help The Little Piggy Throughout Her Problems And Saved Her From Being Eaten From A Fox, And Getting robbed From Some People Who Dont Have Jobs Or Money So They Live On Stealing.

Ms. Hutchinson
2/5/2013 12:24:18 pm

Ok, good job! I just want to add something to help you boys think a little more about your theme. How is friendship the key to life?

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