You all have had the chance to read through your books and discuss at a
glance why these books have been banned. Now, in your groups and after reviewing your notes on Theme, what do you believe is the theme of your book? What message is your author trying to teach their audience (which are children). Be sure to explain how your theme fits in your book. 

Post your themes in the comments.
Be sure to write all of your group members names in the box. LEAVE
THE EMAIL AND WEBSITE BLANK!!! Also, be sure to state the title of your book in
your comment.

As everyone finishes, be sure to look over other groups' theme and books. Is there a pattern?

Ms. Hutchinson


brittanie holder-lari white-nick stevens-ben craver
02/05/2013 9:55am

the moral of the story is you should give but you should be able to expect something in return ...ex.the tree always wanted to make the boy happy but she never asked anything for return and the boy never asked so we think that should be the moral

Ms. Hutchinson
02/05/2013 8:18pm

Did you mean "Should not be able"? Just want to clarify :).

Spencer Weber, Noah Cosey, Ethan McNeely, MaKayla Draper
02/05/2013 9:56am

Strega Nona- The moral of this story is, Do what your told to do, or there's consequences.

lari white brittanie ben
02/05/2013 9:58am

thats an wonderful therory

Ms. Hutchinson
02/05/2013 10:00am

Could you explain how this fits into the story?

Spencer weber, Noah Cosey, Ethan McNeely, MaKayla Draper
02/05/2013 10:01am

Stega Nona told BIg Anthony not to touch the magic pasta pot, but he did and made too much pasata, so she made him eat it all.

Ms. Hutchinson
02/05/2013 9:57am

Great theme!! I think its a great lesson to little children to be happy with giving rather than just getting.

brittanie holder lari ben
02/05/2013 10:00am

thanks and welcome :)

Donisha White, Kayla Wilson, Jacob Stumbo, Leah Call, Madison Weber
02/05/2013 10:02am

The moral of our story (THE AMAZING BONE) is that a friendship can get you through alot of things. It can get you through life. Don't ever doubt a can take you many places. :)

Ms. Hutchinson
02/05/2013 8:17pm

Great! I love your theme! Friendship is a powerful thing. Could you explain how this moral fits in your story?

Jason E. Nick M. Grayson G. ET
02/05/2013 10:04am

the moral is that you should go straight home after school or you will get mugged, and/or get eating by a fox. but be saved by a magic talking bone that can cast spells

Ms. Hutchinson
02/05/2013 8:16pm

Ok boys... Maybe think deeper. Make your theme universal (like it could apply to any story, not just "The Amazing Bone" Feel free to add and expand your theme.

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