You all have had the chance to read through your books and discuss at a glance why these books have been banned. Now, in your groups and after reviewing your notes on Theme, what do you believe is the theme of your book? What message is your author trying to teach their audience (which are children). Be sure to explain how your theme fits in your book.

Post your themes in the comments. Be sure to write all of your group members names in the box. LEAVE THE EMAIL AND WEBSITE BLANK!!! Also, be sure to state the title of your book in your comment. 

As everyone finishes, be sure to look over other groups' theme and books. Is there a pattern?

Ms. Hutchinson


Savannah,Jazmine k.,Jazzmyn W.,Taylor
02/04/2013 6:10am

The theme is when your told not to do somthing dont do it.

~Strega Nona~

Ms. Hutchinson
02/04/2013 11:27am

Girls, maybe explain more about this theme. Give an example or explain how it fits in Strega Nona.

Also, watch your spelling and grammar mistakes (ex. don't)

02/05/2013 6:13am

example:Big Anthony was told not to use the pasta pot while Strega Nona was gone and he used it and it ended up going bad because he did not know how to stop the pasta from coming from the pot

02/05/2013 6:15am

Well an example of doing what you should do when your told to do it because in the book Big Anthony tried to prove to the towns people that Stega Nona had a majic pot. He did not listen to all of her spell and when she left to vist a friend he said what he herd but when he tried to stop the pasta pot it would not work. If he would have left it alone like she said it would have never almost destroyed the town.

02/05/2013 6:10am

You should have explain more. and maybe Spell right. (Savannah).

02/05/2013 6:13am

Bad Jazmine thats mean lol but I would of said the same thing lol but still some what mean and this is weird we are all like riht next ti each other but commenting on this to talk to people. I think we could of made this more detailed then what we did but the book was really retarted

02/04/2013 6:15am

The them of Where The Wild Things Are.
The them is do not sas your parents.

Ms. Hutchinson
02/04/2013 11:30am

Ok, boys. Watch your spelling (like "theme" and "sass") As well as writing complete sentences. You could have said "The theme of "Where the Wild Things are" is do not sass your parents."

But I want you to think deeper than that. What is the deeper message to kids? Max does get punished but he "runs away" to where the wild things are. What does he learn there? What makes him come back home?

02/05/2013 6:11am


02/05/2013 6:13am


Ms. Hutchinson
02/05/2013 6:14am

Think deeper... Like in the part of the book where he wants someone who loves him best of all. (Maybe you need to look at that again)

02/05/2013 6:13am

is there any other theme?

02/04/2013 6:17am

The book is trying to tell you give what you dont need because some people might need it

~The Giving Tree~

Ms. Hutchinson
02/04/2013 11:32am

Great! Just watch your grammar mistakes (don't and you forgot the period at the end of the sentence!)

The only thing I would ask you to do would be to explain deeper about this theme. Can you explain how this theme fits in the book?

02/05/2013 6:13am

You forgot the period. Explain more!!

Nia, Shanese, Makayla, Hailey
02/04/2013 6:18am

You can have all different kinds of friends even if they aren't real or not.

Ms. Hutchinson
02/04/2013 11:33am

Girls, what book are you reading? You didn't state your book title. Pleeease follow directions...

Also, be sure to explain it deeper. How does your theme fit in your book?

02/05/2013 6:07am

our book was the amazing bone. and it defines the book ecause the bone is her freainf

Ms. Hutchinson
02/05/2013 6:10am

Friend? Haha!

02/05/2013 6:15am

There is n such word as ecause Nia its spelled because

02/05/2013 6:16am


my name is hsanese
02/05/2013 6:14am

it was banned

02/05/2013 6:15am

shanese you spelt your name wrong. ahhahahhahah

shanese itsright now
02/07/2013 6:12am

yeaaa hahahaha

The sissy duckling
02/04/2013 6:19am

The theme is it is not bad to be different. if everyonr was the same the world would be dull and boreing. The lesson it is teaching is to be yourself no matter what others think of you. Elmer is a duckling that does the things he loves to do. Everyone thought he was a sissy and mad him sad. So when the winter cames and his dad was injured he nured him ack to health. When everyone came back they were astonished because they had survived the winter. Then everyone was very proud of Elmer. Brittany Atwel, Libertie Shoter,Martha Gadouy, Sarah Hoss

Ms. Hutchinson
02/04/2013 11:35am

Girls, GREAT JOB! Just watch your spelling (ex. nursed and boring). In the future, put your group members' names in the name bar and your book in the paragraph. But GREAT JOB!!!

02/05/2013 6:17am

Martha Speaks

Martha Godoy
02/05/2013 6:14am

You spelled my last name wrong

02/05/2013 6:15am

brittany you spelled martha's last name wrong!!!

02/05/2013 6:09am

that was greaaat! and really detailed.

02/05/2013 6:10am


libertie shorter
02/05/2013 6:10am

we will check our spelling more.

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